Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - there is a 10 year insurance warranty, the first two years is provided by Mandale and thereafter by your warranty provider. The warranty covers install defects - if you are unsure whether the issue you have is covered by your warranty, please consult your ‘Moving In’ booklet. If you are still unsure then please contact customer care and they will be able to help you.
You can get assistance anytime by calling 033 0005 0005. Our customer care department is available 9am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday. Outside of these hours your call will be diverted to our emergency assistance team. Please note that only urgent issues will be attended to outside of office hours. For more information on what is considered an emergency please consult your 'Moving In' booklet.
Products used within the bathroom (to bathe and clean) have chemicals in them that will dry and/or discolour sealant. They can also reduce its effectiveness, so please check your sealant regularly.
Damage from weather is not covered under the build warranty as it is not classed as a defect; you should contact your household insurance to deal with any damage arising from adverse weather.
We use various energy providers depending on a number of factors; you will have been given this information on handover and it is written in your handover document. We do not instruct broadband or telephone suppliers on any residential development, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to choose and pay for their own provider. We typically use BT Openreach as the provider of the main telecommunications cabling on residential sites which enables most suppliers to complete the install. If there is a BT main telephone point or a BT fibre optic box already installed in the property this will have been supplied and installed by BT Openreach. You will still have to organise and pay for the service to be activated by the service provider of your choice.
The period for reporting minor defects (snagging) is four weeks from the day of handover, this will end on your four-week courtesy visit.
If you have lost power and water please contact your providers to see if this is an issue for the local area. If this is the case, the providers will deal with this and should update you with a timescale for re-connection. Electricity - Check that your fuse board has not tripped. If not, then check your meter to see if it has power, if it doesn’t then contact your power supplier. Water - Check that the water stop tap has not been turned off by someone in your home. Gas - If you can smell gas you must call 0800 111 999 immediately & turn off the supply to you property. If you are not getting a supply of gas into the house check the isolation lever next to your gas meter. If after checking the above you can’t find a reason for your issue and Mandale are still building on site please get in touch with our customer care team.
In order for your turf and shrubs to flourish they will require care from you throughout their life. They do not fall under the warranty provided and if they die you are responsible for replacing them if you so wish. Pets and local wildlife can cause shrubs and turf to deteriorate; monitor where your pets are using as toilet areas.
This is efflorescence which is a normal process in which moisture and salts within the brickwork exudes; it is not detrimental to your home and not covered under the warranty.
If in the unfortunate circumstance you feel a complaint is to be made, then please visit where the process is explained.
It can take up to 8 weeks to receive your first utility bills. As explained on your home demonstration, Mandale are responsible for the utility bills up to the day of handover. If after 8 weeks you still haven’t received a bill please contact our customer care team who will advise further.
There are numerous reasons for this to happen, they are all down to lack of air circulation or additional moisture in the property, some causes are – but not limited to the following;
  • Window vents are closed
  • The heating is turned off in a room and the door closed
  • Stored boxes in a room are pushed up to the walls
  • Extractor fans are turned off in bathrooms/utility
  • Cooker hood not being used when cooking foods on hob with a high-water content
  • Tumble dryer being used that does not vent to the outside
  • Drying clothes on radiators or on racks inside of the house
In cold weather you may also see condensation settle on windows and external doors. This is due to the warm air inside contacting the cold surfaces, this is not a warranty issue, it’s very normal. Mould can be removed using neat bleach on a cloth, this will remove the mould but may leave a stain on the surface below that you may need to paint over when decorating. Please consult the manufacturers user instructions when using any chemical in your home to ensure you are using it in accordance with their recommendations.
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